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Trump admin’s Medicaid work requirements struck down by appeals court

Dive Brief: A federal appeals court Friday unanimously ruled against Arkansas’ Medicaid work requirements, a signature policy pushed by President Donald Trump’s administration that ties eligibility to the public insurance program for the poor to work or job training. The ruling will halt other work requirements implemented in other states beyond just Arkansas, according to University… Read More »

New coronavirus: How soon will a treatment be ready and will it work?

By Michael Le Page Pharmacy employees in Shanghai, China during the coronavirus outbreakCredit EDWIN REMSBERG, VW PICS / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY So far, around a quarter of people infected during the outbreak of a new coronavirus have developed severe respiratory infections, and around 3 per cent have died. With the numbers still climbing alarmingly fast,… Read More »

Heart attack: How your commute to work could prevent the life-threatening condition

In areas where walking or cycling to work were more common in 2011, the incidence of heart attacks decreased for both men and women across the following two years. The researchers acknowledged that the big risk factors for heart disease are a lack of exercise, being overweight, smoking and diabetes. After adjusting for these, the… Read More »