Surgical Robot with Humanoid Arms for Transvaginal Hysterectomies

Memic, a company with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, won FDA authorization to introduce the first of its kind robotic surgical system that utilizes humanoid-shaped arms to achieve impressive reach and procedural safety. The FDA’s De Novo marketing authorization, which is given out for technologies that don’t have a prior analogue,… Read More »

Vaccines should end the pandemic, despite the variants, say experts

A Harvard immunologist said current vaccines appear to be effective enough to end the pandemic, despite growing concerns that more infectious COVID-19 variants would severely blunt the effectiveness of the preventative treatments and set the nation back in its fight against the disease. Galit Alter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Ragon… Read More »

Fatty liver disease symptoms: Nail changes could signal the deadly condition – key signs

These include: Overweight or obesity Insulin resistance, in which your cells don’t take up sugar in response to the hormone insulin High blood sugar (hyperglycaemia), indicating prediabetes or type 2 diabetes High levels of fats, particularly triglycerides, in the blood. “These combined health problems appear to promote the deposit of fat in the liver,” explains… Read More »