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Yoga to Balance Eyestrain

Do you spend your days staring at a computer screen? If you do, you probably know how draining and tiring it can be to your entire body, not just your eyes. This agitation strains the entire body, including the eyes. That’s why people often feel drained after studying or working, even though they haven’t physically… Read More »

CDC says U.S. could get coronavirus under control in one to two months if everyone wears a mask

Due to social distancing, shoppers wear protective masks as they wait in line outside Gucci as South Coast Plaza reopens, requiring customers maintain a social distance and wear face masks at South Coast Plaza Thursday, June 11, 2020 in Costa Mesa, CA. Allen J. Schaben | Los Angeles Times via Getty Images The United States… Read More »

The Truth About Air Fryers and Your Health

Air fryers have been having kind of a moment. The kitchen appliance never really felt like a thing until it latched itself onto diet tribes looking to tinker with their macronutrients. And, no doubt, the promise of an air fryer is exciting: “healthier” fried foods! Who doesn’t want healthier fried chicken, healthier french fries, and… Read More »

White House renews argument that increased cases come from increased testing

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany reiterated that spikes in coronavirus cases are a function of increased access to testing, an argument that public health officials have debunked. “When you lead the world in testing, that means that you identify more cases,” McEnany told reporters Monday. President Trump has often touted the U.S. capacity for… Read More »

Strategies To Manage Your Health

Although it may seem like a full-time job, managing your health, mood and happiness can be a lot of hard work. Start with these basic strategies: 1. Eat Healthy: healthy diet, free of meat and alcohol, with adequate fruit and vegetables2. Sleep: Restful 6 to 10 hours per day, as needed. Varies according to person.3.… Read More »