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Must-Reads of the Week

The Friday Breeze Want to read the best and most provocative stories from the week? Welcome to the Friday Breeze, where we compile them all — so you’re set with your weekend reading. Hi, I’m back with a revamped Friday Breeze, tackling a few hot health care topics of the week and some news you… Read More »

Health systems need to be flexible to recoup lost finances, experts say

American hospitals and health systems are facing financial struggles like never before. From the cancellation of non-emergency surgeries to disrupted supply chains and historically high unemployment rates resulting in higher numbers of uninsured patients, the pandemic has created tremendous financial turmoil. The strategy that more than 70% of hospitals and health systems are turning to… Read More »

Coronavirus: Face covering use expanded in England and Scotland

Face coverings have become mandatory in more indoor settings in England and Scotland following a recent spike in coronavirus cases. Places where coverings must now be worn in both countries include museums, places of worship and aquariums. Other new settings in England include cinemas and funeral homes, and in Scotland banks and beauty salons. Coverings… Read More »

When It’s too hot to cook, Skip the fast foods

ASSEMBLE HEALTHFUL, COOLING ENTRÉES IN MINUTES When it’s too hot to cook, some people resort to fast food, home deliveries, or other packaged meals that are usually high in fat and calories but low in nutrients. Instead, advises the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), the health-conscious can use its new, no-cook recipes to assemble… Read More »

Boy, 4, dies after virus delays surgery

A Melbourne mother has shared her heartbreaking story of losing her child after the coronavirus pandemic stopped the family travelling to Poland for life saving surgery. Rebecca Marsh, 41, was scheduled to take her son Jahleel to Poland for surgery for gene replacement therapy to treat his Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency (AADC). Jahleel was diagnosed… Read More »