Crazy week of PR & news on studies should teach us how/what to ignore

August 6, 2020 Posted By Categories Gary Schwitzer is the founder and publisher of HealthNewsReview. He has covered health care news almost exclusively since 1973. Here is his online bio.  He tweets as @garyschwitzer or as @HealthNewsRevu. Getty Images On Tuesday, it was excitement over vaccine news in 12 monkeys. (Journalism example.) On Wednesday, it was excitement over… Read More »

Diet doctor keto chai latte

I agree. You can use whichever you prefer. I made it as directed, except I used vanilla beans as that is all I had on hand, go figure. Also, using boiling water and drinking immediately should be just fine for most people who tolerate eggs. Please modify as needed. Almond milk won’t have the fat… Read More »

Stretchmarks: When your stretch marks could signal these two worrying conditions

Stretch marks are also known as Striae and are a form of scarring on the skin. Overtime, these marks may diminish, but will never disappear completely. Sometimes stretchmarks could signal a medical condition including either a pelvic disorder or breast cancer. The researchers say that a compromised ability to produce connective tissue may explain the… Read More »

Dukan diet vs ketogenic diet

Dishes Pasta Dukan Pie Casserole see more Diet final phase is the weight maintenance part and lasts indefinitely. There is limited scientific support that the Dukan diet is effective and sustainable in the long term, so although you can expect to lose weight in the initial very strict phases of the diet, most go on… Read More »

Brown rice plant based diet

Department of Health and Human Services recommends supplemental B12 for all adults over age 50 because as we age, many people lose the ability to absorb vitamin B12 from food sources. Nut butter not nutter butters, coconut oil, plant-based fats, oh my! That’s kind of where I am. This makes it better used in pilafs… Read More »