Useful Tips on How to Avoid Burnout at Work

Useful Tips on How to Avoid Burnout at Work Useful Tips on How to Avoid Burnout at Work : Burnout seems to be a self-explanatory term, but burnout definition is not that simple. Currently, burnout is not considered a separate diagnosis, but many doctors try to describe it as one of the forms of depression. Burnout… Read More »

OxyContin maker Purdue wins 15 states’ support in controversial $4B bankruptcy plan

Purdue Pharma, after reaping billions in opioid drug sales, has been battling over its role in the U.S. addiction crisis for years. Now, it’s potentially won an out after several states challenged its multibillion-dollar settlement plan. Fifteen states, including Massachusetts and New York, have blessed OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma’s controversial bankruptcy reorganization plan, a court filing in the U.S.… Read More »

Is Robinsons Squash bad for you?

Many people enjoy a refreshing glass of Robinsons Squash, but just how healthy is it? We put together this article to investigate whether Robinsons Squash is bad for you or not. Let’s find out. Robinsons Squash Ingredients First, let’s run through the ingredients and see if there is anything amiss. We should take into consideration… Read More »

SA lifts COVID-19 border rules for WA, NT

South Australia has scrapped COVID-19 border restrictions on Western Australia and the Northern Territory but NSW remains locked out as it continues to battle a Delta variant outbreak. The SA transition committee met on Thursday to consider border rules imposed after locally acquired virus cases emerged in NSW, Queensland, the NT and WA. SA had… Read More »