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Health systems need to be flexible to recoup lost finances, experts say

American hospitals and health systems are facing financial struggles like never before. From the cancellation of non-emergency surgeries to disrupted supply chains and historically high unemployment rates resulting in higher numbers of uninsured patients, the pandemic has created tremendous financial turmoil. The strategy that more than 70% of hospitals and health systems are turning to… Read More »

EMF Meter And Monitors: Why They Are Essential For Your Health And Safety

As people strive to live healthier lifestyles, many are drawn towards technology and gadgets that may improve their overall well-being. One of these newly-developed devices is the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meter and monitor.This device is used to measure the surrounding environment for the presence of electromagnetic fields and detect different forms of EMF, from high… Read More »

In Texas, More People Are Losing Their Health Insurance as COVID Cases Climb

This story is part of a partnership that includes KUT, NPR and Kaiser Health News. This story can be republished for free (details). Steve Alvarez started feeling sick around Father’s Day weekend this year. His symptoms started as mild, but developed into a fever, chills and shortness of breath he couldn’t shake. “Just when I started to get… Read More »

The Dental Mental Network: Dealing with mental health in the dental profession – DentistryIQ

Psychological therapy once held a stigma. Many people resisted seeking therapy and were ashamed to tell family and friends that they needed it. Fortunately, today it is more likely to be treated the same way we do a physical ailment. But a doctor or therapist who is trained to help us cope with life has… Read More »