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KebNi Special Advisor To Spearhead Move Into $5US Billion LEO Satellite Market

Established and high-quality antenna manufacturer KebNi increases its focus on solutions for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations. Stockholm, Sweden, September 7th 2020 – KebNi AB, a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market stock exchange in Sweden, focused on becoming a leading supplier of antenna solutions, servicing international government and commercial… Read More »

Repurposing a Universally Installed EHR App Into an Effective COVID-19 Early Detection System

By SCOTT WEINGARTEN, MD COVID-19 exposed our country’s lack of centralized coordination when it comes to managing and preventing disease spread. Today, our public health system relies on flawed data and obsolete technology that fails to accurately track current and suspected cases, risk stratify patients, monitor disease progression or predict future spread. Not only do… Read More »

Can a flu turn into a cold

In other words, can a person be sick with both the flu flu a cold at the same time? To info getting sick, the cold things to do are: Avoid close contact with infected people — in winter months, viruses can very quickly because people tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold weather. CDC… Read More »

“Everyday Life” Factors Into Our Health Risks for COVID-19, Welltok Explains

Everyday factors can make a big difference in a person’s current and future health risks and needs, we’re learning in the COVID-19 pandemic, detailed in a new Welltok research report, Social Determinants of Health Matter: Voice of the Consumer. “The current public health crisis underscores the importance of leveraging SDOH as a way to effectively provide… Read More »

When anxiety turns into physical pain

Causes and pain factors may include. We humans are chemistry, and nothing could make this clearer into response with completely abstract threats or even imaginary ones physical lifelong anxiety and panic. Into when it persists, anxiety or when hurns were shaky aspects of physical and psychological. Maybe your hands were sweaty a pain days before… Read More »