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How long till i notice weight loss

Please keep in mind, water and hormone fluctuations can also affect your body weight. Dick Thijssen, a professor of cardiovascular physiology and exercise at Liverpool John Moores University, estimates that three to four months of wwight without altering your diet would only how in an approximately till weight loss. You’ve been faithful to a healthier… Read More »

Who’s At Risk For ‘Long COVID?’

Oct. 22, 2020 — Being sick with COVID-19 for more than four weeks, so-called “long COVID,” affects older people, women and those with a wide range of symptoms in the first week of their illness most, British researchers report. About 5% of those with COVID-19 will have symptoms for eight weeks or more, according to… Read More »

Long lasting diet candy

There was an interesting thread about this in the discussion group. Take a look in the mirror. It’s been my experience that the good habits you build on the non-S-days will see you through the S-days without too much excess. Only when you’re strong, when the habit is largely unconscious, can you afford stretchers like… Read More »