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Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Her Curves at Santa Monica Beach

Nothing says “It’s Summertime!” like beaches, bikinis, and a game of Volleyball! Well, look no further than Alessandra Ambrosio’s latest batch of photos taken at a beach down in Santa Monica. The former Victoria’s Secret angel celebrated her 40th birthday a month ago, and continues to defy her age! Donning a pair of slick sunglasses… Read More »

Santa cruz core keto diet

There are countless books, articles, recipes, and videos about keto diets. This is because keto diets have been around for a long time in the clinical setting, and have proven effective at promoting weight loss. There is a reason, however, as to why keto diets have remained in a clinical setting for such a long… Read More »

Santa clarita diet why is it cancelled

I went through this last year when Sirens was cancelled. Santa clarita diet why is it cancelled happened to the new versions of Lost? The ones I was surprise that got cancel was The Good Wife and The Muppets. Heroes Reborn was a 10 episode series to tie up some loose ends when the original… Read More »

When is santa clarita diet season 4

The news comes a month after Netflix pulled the plug on another three, sANTA CLARITA DIET season 4 is what everybody is talking about after the third series dropped on When is santa clarita diet season 4 on Friday. Official announcements have yet to be made, santa Clarita Diet season 3 location: Where is it… Read More »