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Arnold’s Son Joseph Baena Shows Off His Action Hero Physique While Riding Horseback

Joseph Baena just shared a photo on Instagram that looks like something straight off a Western movie poster—or the cover of an old fashioned romance novel. The 23-year-old posed shirtless while horseback riding in the sun, giving his followers a look at his jacked arms and chest gains—as well as what looks like some fresh… Read More »

Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Her Curves at Santa Monica Beach

Nothing says “It’s Summertime!” like beaches, bikinis, and a game of Volleyball! Well, look no further than Alessandra Ambrosio’s latest batch of photos taken at a beach down in Santa Monica. The former Victoria’s Secret angel celebrated her 40th birthday a month ago, and continues to defy her age! Donning a pair of slick sunglasses… Read More »

What are my chances of catching COVID-19 post-vaccination? What the latest data shows

Almost half the adult population in the UK have now been fully vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine. The logistical coup is not the only cause for celebration. A new study has found both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are highly effective after two doses against the variant identified in India. Despite the overwhelming positivity, a… Read More »

Trump knew testing Covid-19 vaccines would take months, Woodward book shows

Trump also suggests that’s why he initially pushed so hard for the use of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, because the malaria drug had already been tested and approved for other uses. “Well, we’re doing great on vaccines,” Woodward quotes Trump as saying in his latest book, “Rage.” “The problem with a vaccine is a vaccine… Read More »

Data from routine clinical care shows people with HIV have an increased risk of dementia and that it’s diagnosed at a younger age

The risk of dementia in older age is increased by 58% for people living with HIV compared to their HIV-negative peers, according to US research published in the online edition of AIDS. The average age at dementia diagnosis was much younger for people with HIV: 67 years compared to 78 years for people without HIV.… Read More »