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Why a vaccine won’t end quarantine

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination plan remains on track as authorities continue to monitor the rollout overseas, but there are no plans for the jab to be an alternative to quarantine. Acting chief medical officer Paul Kelly told reporters on Wednesday that the vaccination plan was “on target”. “We are going ahead with all of those preparatory… Read More »

Australia won’t cut corners for vaccine

Reports a vaccine can combat a highly infectious new strain of COVID-19 should provide “great hope to Australians”, but the government will not rush its rollout, the Health Minister says. Astrazeneca CEO Pascal Soriot claimed the company had found a “winning formula” that made the drugmaker’s vaccine as effective as rival doses that had been… Read More »

Vaccine could come early, PM says

A coronavirus vaccine could arrive in Australia earlier than promised, the Prime Minister says. Australians were set to receive their first COVID-19 vaccines in March, but Scott Morrison said the rollout could start ahead of schedule. “We think a bit earlier (than March), but that’s the current timetable,” he told 2GB Radio. “We’ve put our… Read More »

One day of COVID-19 drug & vaccine news provides cautious reminders

Before I even turned on my computer yesterday, the BBC had blared this headline about a trial of the protein interferon beta:The sub-headline read: The preliminary results of a clinical trial suggest a new treatment for Covid-19 reduces the number of patients needing intensive care, according to the UK company that developed it. Eventually some… Read More »